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Please note that while data can be downloaded at state or national geographies, rankings within both geographic levels of these data represent comparisons to all other census tracts in the nation. For example, an EJI ranking of 0.85 signifies that 85% of tracts in the nation likely experience less severe cumulative impacts from environmental burden than the tract of interest, and that 15% of tracts in the nation likely experience more severe cumulative impacts from environmental burden.

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Suggested citation for use of the database:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry. 2022 Environmental Justice Index. Accessed [Insert Date].

August 24, 2023: Based on feedback received during and after EJI community engagement sessions in 2023, data values have been updated for several fields in the 2022 EJI dataset, including the overall EJI Rank (RPL_EJI). Corrections have been made to Coal Mine Proximity (EPL_COAL), Lead Mine Proximity (EPL_LEAD), Housing Tenure (EPL_RENTER), and Civilian with a Disability (EPL_DISABL) indicators. The values for these fields and related fields after release on 8/10/22 and before 8/23/23 were incorrect. Changes to overall EJI Rank were minimal, with less than 4% of the 72,000+ census tracts nationwide changing quartiles based on this update.

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